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I centred my artistic interests on contemporary art, textile and pattern design. From the formal point of view I often use in my work simple shapes, with tendency to abstract geometry. I use the gesture of repetition as basic vocabulary for the construction of patterns; from which I make different projects in different contexts.

The experimentation with various media and materials with in the art world motivates me to create new projects and to have new ideas.

María Ramírez (b. 1990) 


· 2007 - 2009 School of Arts. Albacete
· 2009 - 2013 Grade in Fine Arts. Complutense University of Madrid
· 2011 Boisbuchet. Vitra Summer Workshop with the designer Shin Azumi. France
· 2011 La Prensa Desvelada Workshop in Museo ABC. Madrid
· 2014 Embroidery Workshop with the artist Yolandra Andrés

Collaboration/Work Experience :

· 2006 Collaboration with the fanzine Triqui nº2 (editorial Que Vayan Ellos) with a little picture book entitled "The forest"
· 2007 Collaboration with the fanzine Triqui nº3 with some illustrations.
· 2009 - 2010 Coordinator of the exhibitions "Arranques" with the artist José Enrique Mateo León
· 2011 Design LP for Joaquin Pascual "Aproximación a la Frontera"
· 2012 Poster of the tour of "The Holy Family" along with "The Sadies" 
· 2012 Poster of the concert "Jysus" + "One Hand Man´s Band" + "The Holy Family"
· 2012 Logo of the web "La esponja musical"
· 2012 Photo for Verily Magazine 
· 2012 Illustrator & Creative for the webpage Oyasu Minasae Showroom (coming soon online)
· February 2013 Customer care at 9915 stand at ARCO (Contemporary Art Fair of Madrid). Madrid
· 2013 Ambassador, part of ART in Samyroad
· 2014 Collaboration in the workshop for kids "La Alfombra de la Biodiversidad" Design Center di_mad, Matadero. Madrid
· 2014 Design showcase commerce for Merci Florist.
· 2014 Conference of my work at "School of Arts" in Albacete.
· 2014 Second design showcase commerce for Merci Florist
· 2014 Fanzine para Llevar Workshop in La Casa Encendida as part of Libros Mutantes. Madrid Art Book Fair. Madrid

Exhibitions :

· 2006 - 2007 Colective exhibitions in the School of Arts. Albacete. Spain
· 2010 Colective exhibition "Arranques" Showroom Naranjo 33. Madrid. Spain
· 2011 Invited to the second edition of exihbition "Arranques" Showroom Naranjo 33. Madrid. Spain
· 2011 Exhibition " Patterns & Trees " in Viktor Gastro-Café coffee shop. Albacete. Spain
· 2012 Colective exhibition in Sábados Galeria. Porto. Portugal
· 2012 Colective echibition in Mad is Mad Gallery. Madrid. Spain
· 2013 Exhibition "Transitions" in El Rincón coffee shop
· 2013 Exhibition "Próxima estacion:Sol" in Mad is Mad Gallery. Madrid. Spain
· 2013 Exhibition PENINSULARES. Art Contemporany and Textile Biennal. Guimaräes. Portugal.
· 2013 Room Art Fair 22, 23, 24 of November. Madrid. Spain.
· 2014 Individual exhibition Tea & CakeKling